According to the National Federation of State High School Association 2011-2012 statistics there are 14,241 High Schools in the United States with 11 man football programs. There are 1,095,993 participants. This number is further inflated by the schools which have 6 man, 8 man and 9 man football programs adding an additional 1,148 schools to the mix and an additional 25,751 participants.

There are 122 Division One college football teams. With roster limitations of 85 scholarship players per team, most schools offer on the average from 11-20 scholarships per year. If we use the largest number of 20, then we can estimate approximately 2,440 high school players will receive Division 1 scholarships in a given year.

With over 1 million participants in high school football it is easy to ascertain that many young men who dream of playing college football will be disappointed.

It is important to know there are also 120 Division 1AA schools and 164 Division 2 schools which participate in football along with Division 3 schools.

We offer personal assistance to the student athlete who is not the obvious standout player on their high school team but have the skills and academic qualifications to play at some level. Through our evaluation process we can help you determine the level you will achieve your greatest success and if you choose to continue with us as your consultant and mentor we will assist you in every way possible through the recruiting process.

The numbers are overwhelming but we believe we can increase your odds of continuing to play at the collegiate level and receive an education that will impact your future. We sincerely care about each student athlete we work with and we have the years of experience as college and high school coaches to guide your way through this process.

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